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IT Service Provider



IT Service Provider

Ψάχνετε για μια αξιόπιστη υπηρεσία MSP, webhosting και κυβερνοασφάλειας;

Μην κοιτάτε περισσότερο από την Thornhill Datacenter Services! Η ομάδα εμπειρογνωμόνων μας προσφέρει τεχνολογικές λύσεις αιχμής σε επιχειρήσεις όλων των μεγεθών. Από τη διαχείριση δεδομένων και τις υπηρεσίες δημιουργίας αντιγράφων ασφαλείας έως τη φιλοξενία ιστότοπων και τα μέτρα κυβερνοασφάλειας, σας καλύπτουμε.

Οι υπηρεσίες μας έχουν σχεδιαστεί για να βελτιώσουν την αποδοτικότητα, την ασφάλεια και τη συνολική επιτυχία της εταιρείας σας. Επιπλέον, με την εξαιρετική υποστήριξη πελατών και τις ανταγωνιστικές τιμές μας, η συνεργασία με την Thornhill Datacenter Services είναι μια εύκολη υπόθεση. Μην περιμένετε, επικοινωνήστε μαζί μας σήμερα για να μάθετε περισσότερα και να ανεβάσετε την επιχείρησή σας στο επόμενο επίπεδο! 

Our Services

We offer high quality IT services.

Construction of modern websites tailored to the needs of your business.

Web Hosting

Web-hosting of your sites to our private Servers.

Web-hosting with high security and quality, see some examples

Microsoft 365 & Google Workspace

Total management of Microsoft365 and Google Workspace for your business.

E-shop construction

Construction of a fully functional e-shop built to your needs for sales 24/7/365.

IT Department as a Service

We take care of the smooth and secure operation of your Cloud and on-prem systems.


Optimizing your website to appear at the top spot in search engines.

VoIP - 3CX

Managed 3CX VoIP for your company, fully managed and supported by us.

XYZ as a Service

Want us to support or even host a program that you use? We can!

Computer Networks

Installation of network equipment in your offices and home.

Cutting-edge technologies

IT Managed Services

By choosing our services, we help you improve the efficiency and productivity of your business using the latest technologies. In today's fast-paced digital world, technology plays a vital role in your business. At this point we undertake to handle your needs resulting in the growth of your business.

IT department as a Service

We manage your existing business systems as if we were your own IT department.

Microsoft 365 & Google Workspace

Every business needs the appropriate communication and collaboration tools, we can manage them for your company.

Endpoint Management

We manage the various endpoints you have in your business so that they are always updated and secure.

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Feel free to contact us anytime.

Design of modern and functional Websites/e-shop

We build modern websites for the needs of your business.

Web design

e-shop design

Web advertising by various means

Security backups

Website hosting

Modernization of websites

Do you want any other IT service?

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